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Welcome to the live demo of TEXTML Server. The demo application consists of a web interface allowing you to search and modify 30,000 European patent abstracts written in XML. Search functionality is provided by TEXTML Server and editing is made possible by the integration of Altova's XMLSpy Browser Plug-in. This feature will enable you to edit a document and save it directly to TEXTML Server.

The purpose of this demo is to showcase some of the search capabilities of TEXTML Server and its seamless integration with XML Spy. The demo is only one example of applications that can be developed with TEXTML Server.

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The content of this online demo comes from the UK Patent Office. IXIASOFT makes no warranty, representation or undertaking whether expressed or implied, nor does it assume any legal liability, whether direct or indirect, or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information contained in these documents. Moreover, we are not responsible for any new content that will be added along the way by visitors that are using the editing tools included in this demo. A new and clean document base will be added every night at midnight (EST).